2017 trends in interior decoration

The year 2017 is bringing us novelty in interior decoration styles, inspired by fanciful and surrealist influences! This year, decorating is all about having fun! Specifically, we throw ourselves into eccentric colours, extravagant decorative pieces, mixed textures. We’re moving away from the industrial and minimalist style, which has run its course.

The must-have colours for winter are mustard yellows, burgundy reds, and deep blues. You’ll see dashes of these colours in small details as well as in larger showpieces.

Burgundy reds bring richness, feminine intensity and warmth; we’ll find them in velvet curtains or pillows, on separating walls or in the details of our accessories. This colour can be replaced with deep purples and burgundies.

Mustard yellows and golds often meld beautifully with monochromatic decors, resulting in spontaneous, elegant looks that go beyond the ordinary.

We’ll be equally surprised by colours as vivid as emerald green and turquoise blue, often matched with white and black, for a vibrant and striking contrast.


All materials representing comfort and simplicity. Untreated woods, copper, flax and wool will be heavily featured in our decors for winter 2017.

Come and consult with our designers to combine your ideas with our knowledge.

Here are a few images borrowed from our favorite providers to illustrate their collections available at La Maison du Beau!


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