Upholstery Services Montreal

Upholstery & Reupholstery Services Montreal

Upholstery is also one of the services most often offered in our store. It allows you to customize and make the furniture that you already have even more unique. You won’t need to get rid of it because it might have a sentimental value to you or because it has a look or comfort to it you just can’t live without, or how about its ideal dimensions or curves that you simply do not find in department stores.
The art of upholstery allows us to find the perfect pattern and the exact color for our decor while the furniture stores naturally have a limited supply of textures and colors.
We also have some models of armchairs and chairs that you can order with an unlimited choice of fabrics. What you need to know about upholstery is that it is not just any fabric that can be used. Depending on your needs and the use that you make of them, our specialist designers can guide you in the choice of materials, textures and patterns to have a durable final product that will please you and make a unique addition to your home. Many of our fabric collections have ALTA technological protection which gives a water-repellent and anti-stain product. It is ecological, permanent, non-allergenic and odorless! Think about it!
Our shop offers the full service of picking up and delivering furniture to upholster. We will prepare for you an estimate as quickly as possible.
Do you have an old piece of furniture to modernize? An armchair to which you hold that needs to be refreshed or you might be looking for a particular model of furniture that you want to match your decor?

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